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1955 Gmc Engine Serial Number


1955 Gmc Engine Serial Number >>>


















































The 37 40 water pump had one hole to block approximately 1;" diameter. 1959 235 c.i. 1935 to 1959 Canadian Built GMC Truck Serial Number Information From the same site is this collection of even harder to find Canadian specific serial number information. -30- . 4. 8. The suffix letter after the engine code identifies the engine plant - "F" Flint, "T" Tonawanda. & CANADIAN CHEVROLET CYLINDER BLOCKS CASTING VERSUS PARTS NOS. Series: the first and second symbols indicated the truck Series (all light trucks had a "3" in the first position) (See the Series page) Year: the third and fourth symbols indicated the two-digit year Plant: the fifth symbol indicated the assembly plant Order of Production: the last was the the sequence number (6 digits and started with 001001 at each plant) .


The serial number on 8-cylinder engine is stamped on block on right side below manifold to front of drain cock (right illustration).Always refer to serial numbers of chassis and engine, and model numbers of other units (transmission, etc.) when ordering parts. Opt. Physical characteristics: Before 1925, the 4 cylinder engines had the ignition distributor attached behind the gear driven generator so no dist hole in block. A truck with the VIN H255J000101 was a 1/2-ton ( H ), a 1955 Second Series ( 2 ), building in 1955 ( 5 5 ) at Janesville, WI ( J ), and was the 101st truck off the line ( 001101 ). Anything with "????" means I do not have a reference. 1951 ENGINE NUMBER is located on the right side of the block to the rear of the distributor. 1962 235 c.i.


100 SERIES Y(1955)Y(1955)X(1956)X(1956)T(1957)T(1957)S(1958-9)S(1958-9) 101102101-8102-8101102101-8102-8101102101-8102-8101102101-8102-8 114123-1/4114123-1/4114123-1/4114123-1/4114123-1/4114123-1/4114123-1/4114123-1/4 248(6 Cyl.)288 & 316(8 Cyl.)270(6 Cyl.)316(8 Cyl.)270(6 Cyl.)347(8 Cyl.)270(6 Cyl.)336(8 Cyl.) GM F022GM F022GM F022GM F022GM F022GM F022GM F022GM F022 --DrivingDrivingDrivingDrivingDrivingDriving GM SS (A)H033 HypoidGM SS (A)H033 HypoidGM SS (A)H033 HypoidGM SS (A)H033 HypoidSpicer 45 (A)Spicer 45 (A)Spicer 45 (A)Spicer 45 (A) --Spicer 45 (A)Spicer 45 (A)---- GM 3 sp.SM318GM 3 sp.SM318GM 3 sp.SM318GM 3 sp.SM318GM 3 sp.SM318T85 3 sp.GM 3 sp.SM318GM 3 sp.SM318 T89 3 sp., 4 sp., orHydra-Matic (4 sp.)T89 3 sp., 4 sp., orHydra-Matic (4 sp.)T89 3 sp., 4 sp., orHydra-Matic 177-CAT89 3 sp., 4 sp., orHydra-Matic 177-CAGM SM420 orHydra-Matic177-CRGM SM420 orHydra-Matic177-CAGM 4 sp.SM420Hydra-Matic177-CAWarner 3 sp.T89BGM 4 sp.SM420Hydra-Matic177-CA VacVacVacVacVacVacVacVac 1754 Std. If you have any info that can be added, please let me know. 1954 Engine Specifications Model & Code No. Some states called the truck a '38 then, since it was sold in '38. 1960 235 c.i. ( 0001901 ). 1941 216 c.i. Block: 3692703 Pass Powerglide Block: 3692713 Truck Head: 3835909, 3835499 Ser #: JDA, JDM, JEA, JEM. 35c395ab90

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